Meet the Creatures, Gr. 5-6

superworm  Meet the Creatures, Gr. 5-6  

This unit studies the behavior of superworms, a larger relative of mealworms, which are a household pest. Superworms are the larvae of a type of beetle found in Central America. Superworms will eat a number of plant and animal materials including each other. Because of this, superworms will not pupate until they can be alone where they will not be eaten by other larvae. If you keep them crowded together, they will stay very active and will not pupate. This makes them very good for behavior studies such as mazes.

Superworms are sold as food for pet reptiles and as fish bait. For tips on caring for superworms, click on Worm Man's Breeding Superworms page. Aqualand also has a good page on caring for them with photos.

Visit the O. Orkin Insect Zoo for other insect study resources.

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