Rocket Launches

Rocket Launches

If you are a school in Monroe County that uses the Elementary Science Program’s Rocketry unit, the ESP science teachers can come to your school to help you launch your students’ rockets!

Our program has created an 8-pad launcher system that allows classes to launch rockets in a group setting so all the students can launch the rockets they have created during one class period.

The ESP teachers will come to your school and set-up our launcher system. An open field area near the school that is 100 feet from any buildings or walkways is required. Classes walk out to the field area, and we launch the classes’ rockets in groups of eight students. The two tracking stations (manned by students) use clinometers to measure how high each rocket launches into the sky. The tracking stations write down their data for use later in the classroom. While they are waiting, the other class members count down for each student launch. After each group of 8 launches their rockets, they retrieve their rocket from the field and the next group of students makes their way to the launch pad.

There is no additional charge for ESP to help launch your students’ rockets.

Please call Antonietta Quinn at 585-617-2356 to schedule your rocket launch.

Please Note: For safety reasons, ESP will only use their launcher system with the rockets from our Rocketry Unit.

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