STEM Connection Kits

NEW! The ESP is now offering EngageNY STEM Connection Kits for use as supplemental science lessons for grades K – 5.

Who? If your district IS using the EngageNY ELA Curricula Domains and Modules for Kindergarten – Grade 5, you may wish to consider using these supplemental science kits. If you do NOT use the EngageNY units from NYSED, we suggest you continue to order the same kits you have in the past.

What? Each science kit contains enough materials for one class of students for one year of supplemental science instruction. The brochure describes which specific Domains and Modules these kits will supplement. The kits are in a single size (materials for 30 students). A teacher’s guide and student activity sheets are password-protected and found on the ESP website. The password will arrive with the materials.

How? Add the STEM Connection Kits to your ESP budget by calling Gina Vaccarella. (585) 352-1140 or (800) 832-8011 or

The kits are leased by NYS school districts and, as such, qualify for BOCES aid (if available to your school.)

When? The kits will be shipped early in the fall of 2014-2015. More information on the kits may be found here.

Why? The ESP is absolutely committed to providing opportunities for students to engage in scientific and engineering practices as part of their regular instruction. One unintended consequence of implementation of the new EngageNY curricula has been a lack of time and resources to teach science. This is so important to our students, their future and to the future of our country that we feel it is imperative that ALL students experience (and not just read about) the STEM disciplines each and every school year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if we do not use all of the same Domains & Modules that the kits supplement? Teachers and students can still use the additional materials for science or engineering experiences.

How is this different from ESP’s regular units? These are developed to supplement the EngageNY ELA content. Our regular units allow for deeper immersion in a subject, provide ELA leveled text components and are written to provide instruction from the NYS Elementary Level Science Core Curricula.

How are these STEM Connection Kits? Each grade level has at least one set of lessons focused on using either Scientific Inquiry or Engineering Design – as well as their practices – built into the instruction.

How do these lessons go along with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)? The lessons have been developed with intentional connections to the NGSS. In addition, each lesson includes a correlation to the current NYS Elementary Level Science Core Curriculum (K-4) or Intermediate Level Science Core Curriculum (grade 5).

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