STEM Connection Kits

STEM Connection Kits

STEM Connections Kits have been developed for districts using the Engage NY ELA Curricula Domains and Modules for Kindergarten through Grade 5.

Our goal in developing these kits is to provide the hands-on science that will supplement the readings at each grade level. These kits have been developed with intentional connections to the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). In addition, the activities within these kits correlate to the current NYS Elementary Level Science Core Curriculum (K-4) or Intermediate Level Science Core Curriculum (grade 5).

Why are these called STEM Connection Kits? Each grade level has at least one set of activities focused on using Scientific Inquiry or Engineering Design – as well as their practices – built into the instruction.

Additional information, including ordering information, is available on the STEM Resources page on this website.

For teachers who are currently using these STEM Connection Kits, open the link to the left for your grade level. This will take you to a page where you will enter your password. Once entered, The Teacher’s Guide and other resources will then be available for your use.
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