STEM Resources

STEM Resources

At ESP, we encourage the integration of STEM education at all levels, including the elementary grades. Not only are the students at these grade levels questioners and innovators, but this type of instruction allows students to explore various subject matter in greater depths that will help their learning and application of knowledge in the upper grades. ESP's STEM units currently include Structures and Design Technology - Wheels. Engineering Design Activities are also embedded into the following units:
  • Systems & Simple Machines (Grade 3)
  • Electrical Circuits (Grade 4)
  • Magnets (Grade 4)
  • Birds and their Adaptations (Grade 4)
  • Renewable Energy (Grades 6-8)

ESP now has Design Challenge Activities for purchase. These are kits that include one activity and all the materials for that activity for up to 30 students. Students create a final project based on specific criteria. Titles of activities are:

  • On Top of Spaghetti
  • Boats & Floats
  • Oil Spill
  • Straw Rockets
  • ...more great activities to come

See Design Challenge Activities under Related Files below. Contact ESP for information on how to purchase these challenges.


The ESP is now offering EngageNY STEM Connection Kits for use as supplemental science lessons for grades K – 5.

The ESP is also offering littleBits. littleBits are electronic components that snap together with magnets to create complex circuits and various inventions. 

The ultimate goal is for the students in our classrooms today to be able to live and succeed in a highly technological world.

Listed below are additional ways to integrate STEM into your curriculum.

Also provided below are some activities from the NSTA STEM Conference in New Orleans. The letters NOLA after the activity’s title lets you know that the activity came from the conference. Several of these activities are presented in a Challenge, Constraints, Criteria format. On this STEM page is an Engineering Design Portfolio which could easily be used by students as they do these or other activities.

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