Leveled Readers

Leveled readers, which build and expand on the science concepts taught in this unit, are also provided with this unit. These readers may be used to teach and practice ELA competencies, while reinforcing the major science content.

There are three different readers for each title. One of these is written one grade level below the suggested grade level of the unit, one is written at the same grade level as the suggested grade level of the unit, and one is written one grade level above the suggested grade level of the unit.

Leveling correlations can be found on the back of each reader. There will also be a symbol on the back of each reader, so that the teacher can easily identify the different levels.


One Grade Below Grade Level – Star

At Grade Level - Planet

One Grade Above Grade Level - Moon



Buoyancy Unit

Suggested grade level of unit: Grade 3

One Grade Below Grade Level – Star: Grade 2

At Grade Level – Planet: Grade 3

One Grade Above Grade Level – Moon: Grade 4


These readers were leveled by the ESP and the literacy experts at Monroe 2–Orleans BOCES using a variety of leveling criteria. These criteria include Fountas & Pinnell, Developmental Reading Assessment, and the Estimated Lexile Measure.

The files below allow the teacher to print out enough readers to meet the needs of a particular class. (Full color copies of the readers can be purchased from ESP. Please call for pricing.)

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