The Sun

The month of May means that summer is just around the corner. The longest days and shortest nights, and the most direct rays of the sun will soon be here. It is a great time to learn about the sun!

List some things you would like to know about the sun on a piece of paper. Now list how you think you can find these things out. This is exactly what scientists do. Their plans always include ways that they can make their own observations. Here are a few ideas and resources.

Learn how to measure the apparent path of the sun across the sky at the Astronomy with a Stick Web pages. Many people around the world first observed the path of the sun to set their calendars. They built stone circles (Stonehenge for example) and other things to mark the way the sun seems to move in the sky through the year. There is more information on this topic at the Center for Archeoastronomy website but it is at an adult reading level.

Learn facts and theories about the sun which is at the center of the Solar System.

Learn about protecting your skin from the sun. 

Build a hotdog style solar cooker or choose another style from the plans on the site.
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