Weather, Gr. 2-3

The Internet has a lot of resources for anyone interested in learning about weather. 

The water cycle is an important part of weather. Students will enjoy an animated water cycle website created by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Weather Wiz Kids is a site designed for students to learn about the weather.

The ESP's own page on rain has some useful links. Visit our Thunder and Lightning page for information on electrical storms.

Make Rainbows has information to help students model and understand these colorful sky treats. How Rainbows Work has more about how they form.

The University of Illinois Extension's site, Weather One, is loaded with useful resources.

The Meteorology Service of Canada site also has helpful resources.

The U.S. National Weather Service has resources including education resources

The Weather Channel has many weather resources. 

A commercial site, How the Weather Works, has a good set of useful resources and links. To find out about local weather watches, visit NOAA's Storm Prediction Center.

Wind Toys

As part of this unit, students explore the wind by making their own wind powered toys. Visit our Home Made Toys and Kites and Paper Airplanes pages for some ideas.

Current Conditions and Weather Forecastes

There are a number of online sources for current conditions and weather 
forecasts including The National Weather ServiceWeather UndergroundWeatherOnline, and the Weather page at USA Today.
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