What Students Can Do for the Environment

Communities across the nation and around the world celebrate Earth Day each year on April 22. It reminds us to take care of the planet we depend on. The Internet has lots of ideas for lessons and activities for Earth Day.

Here is some good news from environmental experts - YOU can do something about environmental problems! Big problems in the environment can be solved if each of us start doing little things in our daily lives.

Read the list below and discuss with your class and teacher how these things will help our environment. Which actions will use less energy? Which will make less waste to dispose of? Which will help air quality or solve other problems?

Most importantly, which ones can you start doing today?

Plant a tree.
Carry your lunch in a reusable lunch box, or cloth bag, or reuse paper bags until they wear out.
Walk, bicycle, or use public transportation whenever you can instead of going by car.
Turn off the water tap when you are brushing your teeth.
Use a refillable water bottle and drink tap water instead of buying bottled water.
Give outgrown clothes and unused toys to charity or sell them rather than throw them away.
Turn off lights when leaving a room.
Switch to fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs.
Avoid wasting food, take only as much as you can eat.
Don't leave the refrigerator door open longer than you need to.
Take newspapers, cans, and plastic and glass containers to a recycling center (if your community doesn't have a recycling pick-up service).
Ask your parents to get rechargeable batteries for battery-powered toys and appliances.
Close outside doors promptly when the furnace or air conditioning is in use.
Use up scrap paper completely before discarding it.
Dress warmly in cold weather and in light clothes in hot weather to cut back on heating and air conditioning.
Write to businesses who use more packaging than necessary.
Ask if your school could recycle paper and use recycled paper. (Visit Garbage: How Can My Community Reduce Waste? for more ideas.)

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