Have you ever really looked at an apple? Are all apples the same? Here are some ideas for using your science skills to learn more about these popular fall fruits.

Do apples float? If they do, which side is up when they float?

How many tiny leaves are there on the bottom of an apple? These are the sepals left from the flower that produced the apple. 

Cut an apple in half halfway between the stem at the top and those tiny leaves underneath. What shape do you find inside?

Eat an apple. Try to eat every bit of the soft tasty part. Save the core to look at. How many lumps does the core have? These are called carpels. How many seeds in each one?

How many seeds are in an apple core? Do most apples have the same number of seeds?

What is a pomologist? What is a pome?

Why do some apple growers graft one kind of apple branch on another kind of apple tree?

What does it mean to graft a branch on another tree?

How can you drink an apple?

How many different ways are apples used in cooking and baking?

Talk to your class and find out everyone's favorite apple treat. Make a graph of the results.

What states in the United States grow a lot of apples? Which provinces in Canada?

Who was Johnny Appleseed and what did he do? Visit this website to find out.

Are all apples red?

How many different kinds of apples can you find at the store? How many different kinds of apples are there? Why are there so many?
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