In October, many homes and classrooms are decorated with scary things, including bats. But are bats really all that scary? Did you know that bats care for their young, sometimes holding them in their arms like a human holding a baby? Did you know that bats are ecological good guys, eating huge numbers of mosquitoes and other flying insects every night? Did you know that bats are in danger from human activity and could use your help? 

Have you read Stellaluna by Janell Cannon? It is a nice story about a bat published by Harcourt Brace Inc. There is a Web quest, Stellaluna Quest, for students who have read the book to look for more information about bats.

There are some great websites on bats. Here are a few to visit for projects and to learn more.

Bats Bats Everywhere is aimed at students.

The National Wildlife Federation provides a great deal of information on bats.

Bat Conservation International is reported to be one of the best websites anywhere about bats.

Build your own bat house and put it in your yard.

Bats, Why Should I Care, has lots more for fun learning.

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