So the holidays are over and winter is upon us. Why not have some fun with bubbles? Everyone likes bubbles but most people think of them only as summertime fun. Bubbles can be fun and instructive any time of year. One safety note, bubble solution on floors can be very slippery. Make sure you carefully clean up any spills right away.

Bubble Solution Recipes:

Our bubble solution uses 1 cup of dish detergent (the brands Dawn or Joy seem to work best), 2 ounces of glycerine (buy it from the drugstore) and enough water to make a gallon of the mixture. It usually works best if you let it sit a day or longer before you use it. Try changing the amounts of the ingredients. Can you find a better mixture? Some people use corn syrup instead of glycerine. Does this work as well?

Try Freezing Bubbles:

If the outside temperature falls to 10 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, you can freeze bubbles. Make a loop of wire or get a bubble wand. Get a pair of household rubber gloves to wear (wet hands at these temperatures are very unpleasant). Take your bubble solution outdoors and dip the bubble maker in the solution. Stand still and watch the bubble solution freeze on the loop. Where does it start to freeze? Shake the bubble free. Dip the bubble maker in the solution again. This time make a bubble so it floats free of the bubble maker. Watch the bubble carefully. What happens? What happens when the bubble breaks? Cool!

Try Saving Bubbles:

Pour some bubble solution on a flat surface such as a meat try or cafeteria tray. Stick a straw into the bubble solution and blow a bubble dome on the tray. How long does it last? Does it look any different just before it breaks? Can you come up with ways to make it last longer?

Bubble Machine:

Try different bubble makers. A favorite of mine is one of the small plastic baskets that cherry tomatoes are sold in. Dip one of these in bubble solution and wave it through the air and you have a regular bubble machine.

Bubble Pictures:

Add some food coloring to bubble solution. Put some of the mixture on a tray. Use a straw to blow bubbles on the tray. Gently lower a piece of white paper into the bubbles. Lift the paper and you should have a bubble picture. Let the paper dry. Use this method to make your own writing paper.

Get Inside a Bubble:

If you put a lot of bubble solution in a wading pool, you can get inside a bubble. Put a dish pan in the center of the wading pool. Place a hula hoop into the bubble solution so that it is around the dish pan. Stand in the dish pan. Have someone lift the hula hoop out of the bubble solution. You are now in a bubble.

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