Buds in Fall

Many people think of buds on trees and shrubs as a sign of spring. But when do buds really show up? Let’s design an experiment and see what we find.

Our Question

Are there buds on trees and shrubs before spring or are they a sign of spring?


You will need your eyes and some trees and shrubs to look at. You can help your eyes notice more if you have a hand lens or magnifying glass to use.


The word procedure means what you will do. The procedure is to look closely at some trees and shrubs in fall to see if there are any buds on them. This is easy in the fall because many trees and shrubs have lost their leaves. This makes it easy to see if anything is on the twig.

The best way to use your hand lens or magnifier is to hold it right near your eye. Now move closer to the end of the branch until it shows up clearly in the lens. 

Keep track of how many different trees and shrubs you visit and how many have buds. A simple chart can work well.
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