Summer is a great time to lie back and look at the sky.
  • Did you ever look at clouds and pick out ones that look like animals and other objects?
  • How many different kinds of clouds are there?
  • Do clouds always mean there is rain coming?
  • Use cotton balls to make pictures of different clouds you see.
  • Take photographs of clouds.
  • Keep a record of clouds you see and the weather that follows the next day.
  • Come up with your own questions about clouds and try to find ways to answer them.
Below are some resources to help you learn more.

Clouds in a bottle tells how to use a two liter soda pop bottle to model how clouds form.

Visit the Mini Cloud Atlas or All About Clouds to see some of the kinds of clouds that form. The Cloud Guide also has pictures of different kinds of clouds.

For more sky activities, visit the Weather Channel's education resources.

The Southeastern Climate Center has a useful section: ClimateKids.

The National Weather Service in Buffalo has a Satellite Image Archive.
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