Crayfish, Gr. 3-4

Boy with magnifying glass  

The ESP Crayfish unit is all about observing live crayfish to learn how to treat them humanely and to learn how scientists study living things. This unit also has lots of interesting connections. The Internet has some great resources to help students in their explorations of these interesting animals.

You might want to find out about the rusty crayfish, an exotic species causing problems in the Midwest. And, the Tasmanian Giant Freshwater Lobster is an endangered crayfish species worth looking into.

If you are interested in crayfish anatomy, how a crayfish is put together inside and outside, you can see internal and external images here.

Want to look up some more information about crayfish online? Nature North has good information about crayfish but the reading level is a little high. The Eastman Kodak Company's Web site has a lesson plan on using photography to observe crayfish.

The Virginia Cooperative Extension has a good page about crayfish and how they should be conserved as part of freshwater environments. Idaho Public Television had a program about wetlands, the kind of places where crayfish live. The Missouri Botanical Garden also has useful information about the fresh water habitats so important to crayfish.

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