Describing Winter

If you had pen pals somewhere who had never seen winter, how would you describe it to them? What would you tell them to give them a clear idea of what the season is like where you live? This month’s activity is to describe and record winter. Here are a few questions that could help you.

What is the weather like in winter? 
Is it always like that?
What is normal winter weather? What is unusual weather for winter?
Keep track of how often we have normal winter weather and how often we have unusual weather this winter.

People in Winter
What kinds of things do people do to help them get through winter?
How is this different from what they do at other times of the year?

Animals in Winter
What kinds of things do other animals do to get through winter? 
We call things that animals do to survive, adaptations. Find out more about animal adaptations for winter. How many examples can you find?

Plants in Winter
What kinds of adaptations do plants have for winter?

Keep a Record
Make drawings or photographs of plant and animal adaptations that help them survive winter.
Keep a journal about winter weather and what people do to get through winter weather.

Finishing Up
What did you learn from your study of winter? Do you think you can describe winter better now.
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