Earthworms, Gr. K-2

The Earthworm unit has been revised! Find some of the Literacy and Assessment components in the left hand menu. Interactive Whiteboard Resources have been added as well.

Are Earthworms Animals?

What are the Characteristics of Animals?

These ideas are explored in the revised unit along with the needs and stages of life of animals, structure and function, food chains, and the role of decomposers.

Students are asked if a starfish is an animal. What do you think? If you watch the video below, does that help you decide?


A good resource on the Internet for students to learn about earthworms is Worm World (also available with flash animations). You might also want to visit the Adventures of Herman, the redworm.

There are some good resources on composting at VegWeb's Composting Guide, at Urban Agriculture's Worm Composting, and at Cornell University's Composting in Schools.

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