Five Senses in Spring

Five Senses in Spring

It's coming. The calendar says spring is here, even if the weather isn't always spring-like. Every season has its own sights, sounds and smells. Let's enjoy spring as much as we can, starting with five things to do with each of the five senses. Can you think of even more spring things to sense?


  1. How many different colors of flowers can you find?
  2. Watch for kites being flown and children riding bikes.
  3. Watch for birds carrying grass and twigs to build nests.
  4. Look for trees turning green as buds open.
  5. Watch for baby animals.


  1. Listen to birds singing.
  2. Listen for frogs calling near a pond.
  3. Listen to the rain falling.
  4. Listen for the calls of migrating geese.
  5. Listen for children playing outside and adults mowing lawns.



  1. Ice cream stands will open soon, eat an ice cream cone.
  2. Try some maple syrup, which is made in early spring.
  3. Eat a jelly bean.
  4. Open your mouth in the rain and taste a raindrop.
  5. Eat some food grilled outdoors.


  1. Smell some garden soil after a rain.
  2. Smell some flowers.
  3. Sniff the air after the lawn is mowed.
  4. Smell the worms after a heavy rain.
  5. Smell barbecuing food when people cook outdoors.

 Touch and Texture

  1. Let the rain fall on your face.
  2. Touch an earthworm.
  3. Touch the petal of a flower.
  4. Feel the wind push against you.
  5. Touch a pussy willow.
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