Five Senses in Summer

It's here. Summer has come at last. Every season has its own sights, sounds and smells. Let's enjoy summer as much as we can, starting with 5 things to do with each of the 5 senses. Can you think of even more summer things to sense?
  1. Look for fireflies in the evening.
  2. Watch for people mowing lawns.
  3. Watch for birds using a puddle or birdbath to bathe.
  4. Look for caterpillars.
  5. Watch for people sitting outside in the evening.
  1. Listen for insects calling in the evening.
  2. Listen for an ice cream truck.
  3. Listen to children playing outdoors after supper.
  4. Listen for cicadas calling in the heat of the day.
  5. Listen for lawn mowers.
  1. Eat some ice cream.
  2. Taste some lemonade.
  3. Taste some sweet corn.
  4. Eat a piece of fresh fruit - watermelon, strawberries and peaches are all summer fruits.
  5. Taste your favorite picnic food.
  1. Smell someone's barbecue.
  2. Smell a flower.
  3. Sniff the air near a pool or a beach.
  4. Smell a newly mowed lawn
  5. Smell a summer breeze.
Touches and Textures
  1. Feel a cool breeze blowing from a fan. Be careful not to get too close!
  2. Touch a lawn that is wet with early morning dew.
  3. Feel the sun on your skin, but don't get sunburned.
  4. Touch your face with a glass full of ice on a hot day.
  5. Feel a sidewalk with your bare foot
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