Five Senses in Winter

t's here. Winter has come at last. Every season has its own sights, sounds and smells. Lets enjoy winter as much as we can, starting with five things to do with each of the five senses. Can you think of even more winter things to sense?


  1. Look for snow drifts.
  2. Watch for people wearing matching hats and mittens or gloves.
  3. Watch for birds coming to feeders.
  4. Look for the stars coming out in the early evening.
  5. Watch for animal tracks in the snow.


  1. Listen to how quiet it can be outside when there is snow on the ground.
  2. Listen for the sound of wind.
  3. Listen to children playing outdoors.
  4. Listen for birds calling or even singing.
  5. Listen for snow plows clearing the streets.


  1. Drink some hot cocoa.
  2. Taste some special holiday food (we seem to have a lot of winter holidays).
  3. Taste a piece of peppermint.
  4. Eat a piece of fresh fruit.
  5. Catch a snowflake on your tongue (but don't eat snow from the ground).


  1. Smell the smoke from someone's fireplace or wood stove.
  2. Smell a special holiday food cooking.
  3. Sniff the fresh smell that comes in with someone who has been outdoors.
  4. Smell an evergreen tree.
  5. Smell clothes drying after someone has played in the snow.

 Touch or Texture

  1. Feel a cold breeze blowing on your face.
  2. Touch some snow or ice.
  3. Touch a pine cone.
  4. Feel the wind push against you.
  5. Feel how heavy a piece of ice is.
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