Kites and Paper Airplanes

March is often called the windy month. As temperatures get milder, there can be a lot of wind. It is a good time to do some science activities that use the wind and air.

First, here are a couple of things to think about and try to answer on your own: 

Why does warmer weather in the spring make windy weather?

What is wind?

How exactly does a kite work?

How does a paper airplane work?

Are there any kites that work in still air or paper airplanes that work best in wind?

What is the best paper airplane design to go farthest? 

What is the best airplane design to do trick flights? To stay in the air the longest time?

A great link to get started with is the K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook.

For help in building a kite, visit 20 Kids, 20 Kites, 20 Minutes and Paper Bag Kites. The Kites as an Educational Tool site has some more ideas. Kite flying safety is always important, visit NASA's Kite Safety Page for tips.

For paper airplanes, visit Amazing Paper Airplanes for a some neat designs. Paper Airplanes Designs and Free Paper Airplanes have even more ideas.
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