March, A Lion Or A Lamb?

There is a saying that if March enters as a lion it will leave as a lamb. It means the weather at the start of the month will not be like the weather at the end of the month. If March starts with wild weather like a lion, it will end with mild weather like a lamb. Sometimes March begins mild and ends wild. Either way, March weather often shows big changes. What will happen this year? Let's find out!

First of all, what kind of weather is like a lion? Make a list of weather conditions that are wild enough to make someone think of a lion. What kind of weather is like a lamb? Make a list of weather conditions that would make someone think of a lamb.

How would you observe and record these weather conditions?

Wild weather might include strong winds, cold temperatures, heavy snow or rain. Mild weather might include gentle breezes, mild temperatures, sunshine or light rain.

Make a chart with a space for each day of March so you could record what the weather is like. Maybe there is a calendar for the month of March you could use.

Write on the chart or calendar what the weather is like each day. Write down the high and low temperature for the day. If you don’t have a maximum minimum thermometer, you can wait until the next day and look up the high and low temperature for the day before in the newspaper, on the weather page or on the Internet. Make sure to also write down if there was wind, rain, fog, or sunshine.

Subtract the lowest temperature of the month from the highest temperature for the month. How many degrees are there between these two temperatures? As the month goes by, do you see any pattern? Is the weather getting milder? Is it getting wilder? Did March live up to its reputation for big changes?
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