Noise Makers

In the past, children made their own fun when they were on summer vacation. One game was to make noise in different ways. Can you make a whistle from a blade of grass or an acorn cap? It can be done. Here are a few noise making ideas. Maybe you can use them to signal friends or to make your own music. Since sound always comes from something vibrating, try to figure out what is vibrating in each one.

Grass Blade

Since a picture is the best way to learn this kind of skill, click on this link to see and read about how to make a blade of grass into a whistle.

Acorn Cap

Summer isn’t the best time of year to find acorn caps but you can use a bottle cap or plastic cap from a small container instead. Maybe you can find an acorn cap from last year. With a little practice, you can get a big sound


Get a paper tube from a toilet paper or wrapping paper roll. Cover one end of the tube with a piece of wax paper. Use a rubber band to hold the wax paper on. Hum into the open end of the tube.


Get an empty jar, bottle, or can with a lid. Put some buttons, small stones or dry beans inside. Put the lid on. Shake to the beat.

Tissue Box Guitar

Use an empty tissue box and some rubber bands to make a guitar. Try to get rubber bands of different sizes. Stretch them around the box the short way. Can you play a tune?

Willow Whistle

This one is the most difficult project on this page. It uses a knife to carve a small piece of tree branch into a whistle. If you are not old enough to use a knife, you should get an adult to help you. If you are allowed to use a pocketknife, tell an adult what you plan to do and look over the directions together before you begin.
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