Ordering Kits

ESP units are available to schools for lease

Leasing Science Kits - (New York State Only)

Most schools participating in the Elementary Science Program choose to lease kits. When the unit is completed, the kit goes away without having to be stored or refurbished by the classroom teacher. Next year, a fresh kit with a teacher's guide and all the materials needed is delivered.

Private schools may contract with The Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES directly for services. Public schools outside the Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES must cross-contract through their own BOCES to lease kits from The ESP. Services secured by cross-contracts are often eligible for BOCES aid. Kits leased outside the Monroe County area are delivered by United Parcel Service. 

Regular kits are for 30 students. Mini kits are for 15 students.

The Elementary Science Program is an approved vendor for kits of materials for the manipulative portion of the NYS Grade 4 Elementary - Level Science Test, Form A which was first administered in May 2004. The Elementary Science Program also has a kit of materials which can be purchased to administer the manipulative portion of the Grade 8 Intermediate - Level Science Test. The State has developed a Grade 8 Test Sampler so that students can do tasks which parallel those on the manipulative portion of the test. The Elementary Science Program has kits of materials to administer these tasks as well. 

To lease kits, our online scheduling program (see link below) can be used approximately May 1st – Sept. 1st. After September 1st, call or email Doreen Parkinson (585-617-2359 or [email protected]) to order or make changes to your order.

To purchase materials, districts can add to their cross contract, send in a purchase order, or send in an official school check with an order form. Contact Gina Vaccarella for more information (585-617-2363, [email protected]

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