Pond Study

Pond Study Trip

Why is it important to bring students to a pond? When in nature, a student’s senses are engaged and the student is focused on what they are seeing, hearing and touching, leading to a greater understanding of nature. Students are outdoors and exploring the pond to learn firsthand how the living things in this dynamic ecosystem depend on each other for survival. Once students discover all the various living things in the pond that they never knew were there before, their sense of respect and care for the natural environment grows.

The teachers from ESP will lead the lessons at the pond with your students and help them make various observations and discoveries. The lessons will be structured to reinforce the classroom learning, and include an introduction to the pond ecosystem, background information on the pond and its lifecycle.  

Tools provided by ESP are used to collect data at the pond (air and water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen) and the data is used to discuss how non-living factors have an impact on the pond.

For more information on the Pond Study, please see the brochure and video below.
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