Rocketry, Intermediate 6-8

 Rocketry, Intermediate 6-8  

Tip: The plugs used to hold igniter wires in the rocket engines we have right now are a very tight fit. Students may find it easier to place a strip of masking tape across the end of the engine instead of using a plug. We successfully used this method for years before engine maufacturers developed plastic plugs.

Model rocketry is a popular hobby and there are some good resources on the Internet.

Safety is essential. Check the Model Rocketry Safety Code of the National Association of Rocketry and the Model Rocket Manufacturers Association. The National Association of Rocketry has links to safety codes, what model rocket engine codes mean, locations of local model rocketry clubs and other useful information. Also see below for some additional safety information.

Rocketry for Educators has a number of resources including a history of rocketry and the parts of a rocket. NASA has information at the Beginner's Guide to Rockets including diagrams and background information for teachers. See also their Rocket Science 101 for an interactive lesson on rocket design. Very cool!

Rockets work because of one of the laws of motion discovered by Isaac Newton. As burning gases leave the rocket engine at the tail end of the rocket, the rocket is pushed forward. You might want to read a little more about how Isaac Newton's third law explains the flight of rockets.

Oh, and remember to always launch safely.

SAFETY CHECK – The Quest igniters in the ESP Rocketry unit are designed for use with the Quest 9V Launch Controllers only. The Quest igniters are very low current igniters and can be set off during continuity tests if other launch controller types are used.

To TEST your Model Rocket Launch Controller: Connect an igniter to your controller before inserting it into the model rocket engine. Set the igniter safely away from people in case it ignites. Insert the safety key and perform a continuity check. If the igniter lights during either operation, using the controller with the Quest igniters presents an unsafe situation.

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