School Visits

School Visits

ESP visits our local schools to teach a variety of lessons. Allowing students to learn through hands-on experiences and direct application of scientific concepts brings the world of science to the classroom.

The focus of one of our school visits is the ecosystem of the pond. The ESP teachers will work with classroom teachers to create a lesson that emphasizes concepts that have been taught in the classroom. ESP will bring all the materials necessary for the trip. You just bring your students!

ESP has several STARLAB Portable Planetariums used teach various astronomy concepts, including a shadows lesson for kindergarteners. It is like bringing a planetarium you would find at a museum right to your school! The STARLAB is delivered to your school by ESP courier the day before the lesson is scheduled. On the day of the lesson, the ESP educator sets up the dome and the materials needed to teach the lesson. ESP educators and classroom teachers work together to develop a lesson that emphasizes the astronomy concepts already being taught in your classroom. The day after the lesson the STARLAB equipment is picked-up from your school by ESP courier. STARLAB certification classes are taught at ESP in the fall and spring. Teachers that are certified can use the ESP STARLAB equipment to teach lessons to their own classes. Look under Professional Development for ESP STARLAB certification classes or call ESP for more information.

For schools that use our Rocketry kit, we can come to your school with our 8-pad launcher and launch students’ rockets. This visit allows your students to launch their rockets, observe them and gather data during one class period.

ESP teachers can visit your classroom and teach lessons about water pollution concepts and their prevention using the EnviroScape portable models. These models show students that we all have a responsibility to care for the environment. The hands-on models are engaging and help students truly understand how everything in our environment is connected. EnviroScape clearly shows humans’ impact on the environment. Teachers can also be trained on how to use the EnviroScape models and teach the lessons to their students. Look under Professional Development for ESP EnviroScape certification classes or call ESP for more information.
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