Science for a Rainy Day

All right, it's summer vacation, or maybe a weekend. You're home, it's raining, and you need something to do. Don't just sit there in front of the TV. Use your mind! Here are some ideas.

Thunder and Lightning?
Visit our page about thunder and lightning and find out how far away the lightning hits. Oh yeah, you might want to turn off your computer so it doesn't get "fried" by a power surge.

Make a Balloon Car
Visit a site with directions for making a balloon car. We don't have to reinvent the wheel do we? Or call it a Nanorover and make it with these directions.

How Much Rain?
Put an empty coffee can (or some other container which has a top and bottom of the same size) outside where it can collect rain. When the storm is over, bring the container in and use a ruler to measure how deep the water is inside.

Have Fun on the Internet
You are probably doing this already, so here are our best pages for more ideas of science things to do on the Internet; our Past Activities and our Unit Resources pages.

Kitchen Chemistry
Go to a page on fun things to make from kitchen chemicals.

Make Paper Airplanes
For some ideas, visit Best Paper and Learn to Make 10 Great Airplanes for additional resources.

Secret Writing
Write a message on paper with lemon juice or milk. Let it dry and it disappears. Heat it (get help from an adult) with a regular light bulb (NOT a halogen bulb!) or iron and watch how the writing appears. Tell a friend and exchange secret messages.

Visit a Museum
Get an adult to take you to a science (or other) museum or visit one online.

Worms and Rain
What is it with worms coming out in the rain and then getting dried out when the sun comes out? See if you can find out.

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