Sky Calendar, Gr. 3-4

Sky Calendar, Gr. 3-4


There is a connection between how we measure time and astronomy. Day and night is a good example. As the Earth rotates, where we are turns towards the Sun and then away again. Knowing about these connections is fun.

Earth View shows the Earth as if it were flat like a map. It shows what part is in sunlight and what part is the darkness or night right now. Sometimes during the year, the most northern part of the Earth is all in darkness and the south pole is all in daylight. At other times of the year, the most southern part of the Earth is all in darkness and the north pole is all sunlit. Talk with your class about why this happens.

Are you observing the Moon? Is it too cloudy to make an observation today or tonight? Visit Moon Phase Images to see what the Moon looks like right now. Set the date to see what phase the Moon was in on the day that you were born.

People have noticed changes in the sky for a long time. Ancient Observatories - Chaco Canyon is a very interesting site about astronomy observations made by people in New Mexico about 1200 years ago. The site gives depth to understanding seasonal changes.

Stellarium is a very powerful software program that lets you have a planetarium on your computer. It is available free for different computer platforms. Download it and the user's guide, and then set it for where you live using the Location Window (F6) and start viewing the sky where you are.

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