Snow is fun! When a lot falls in a hurry, we may get an extra day off from school. It is good for sledding, skiing and making snowmen. Let's see what we can learn about snow.


Keep a record of the temperature outside when snow falls. Does it ever fall when the outside temperature is above 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius)?

What temperatures make the best packing snow for snowmen and snowballs?

What temperatures make snow too dry for good packing?

What temperatures make snow heavy and hard to shovel?

What temperatures make big fluffy snowflakes?


When wind blows snow around, where do snowdrifts form? Do you find one just before a fence or a hedge? Does it make a drift just after a fence or hedge? Does it make a drift a little ways before or after a fence or hedge?

What roads have the most problems with drifting snow during the winter, those that run north and south or those that run east and west?

How much snow did we get?

See our Measuring Snow page to see how to measure snow falls.


See our Snowflake Studies page for ideas about how to study snowflakes carefully.

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