Summer's End

For some people, summer ends when we celebrate Labor Day. For others, it ends when school reopens. Summer ends officially on the Autumnal Equinox, or first day of fall. What clues can you find that summer is ending? Maybe a few questions will help you see how summer ends and fall begins this year.

Pay attention to when the sun sets each evening. Try keeping a notebook and writing down when you see the sun set or when the newspaper says the sun is going to set. Keep track for at least two weeks.

Keep a chart of the low temperature for each night and the high temperature each day. Is there a trend of warmer or cooler temperatures?

When do you start hearing a lot of insects calling in the evening? When do you stop hearing a lot of insects calling in the evening?

When do you start seeing apples being sold at roadside stands? When do you stop seeing corn on the cob being sold? When do you notice pumpkins being sold?

Do you notice any trees changing color? What trees? How many? When do they begin to change?

When do you start seeing fall wildflowers like asters and goldenrods?

When do people start wearing a jacket or sweatshirt in the mornings or evenings?

When do you notice geese or other birds getting together in big groups or flocks? When do you notice birds flying south?

To learn what causes seasons to change, visit the Windows on the Universe website.
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