Sunshine, Shadows and Silhouettes, Gr. K

Students love to observe their shadows! Making shadows inside the classroom or outside on the schoolyard is a way to get students thinking about what is needed to make a shadow and how to change the shape of a shadow. It is also important that students see that their shadow does not look the same throughout the day, even if they stand in the same location. Once students are more familiar with how their shadows look, they will begin to see shadows all around them.

Ask students how their shadow looks different when they move it close to the wall or ground and away from the wall or ground. 

Challenge students to make animal shadows with puppets and then with their hands. Students love to show their skill at making a dog, a bunny or a bird shadow with just their hands.

After exploring with lots of different ways to make a shadow, can students identify the three things needed to make a shadow?

  1. A light
  2. Something to block the light
  3. Somewhere for the shadow to fall
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