Teacher Resources

Teacher support is an important part of the service we provide to districts subscribed to our program. The ESP hosts workshops, publishes a periodical (The Science Times), posts on-line resources, hosts a listserv, and offers phone support. Teachers may subscribe to the ESP Listserv by following the link and using the pull down menu to choose ESP List Server. The ESP staff also hosts a Summer Institute each year for teachers from participating districts across New York State. 

New revisions of ESP units provide additional resources in the form of leveled readers for use in emphasizing English language arts skills and science concepts. We are also adding resources online and through CD-ROMs in kits. New online resources include streaming videos and teacher tips where appropriate. 

For teachers not using SmartBoard brand interactive whiteboards, a free NoteBook Interactive Reader is available here to allow access to activities on the CD ROM.

Measuring Skills

ESP recognizes that students need opportunities to develop the science process skills that will help them measure objects. Providing a variety of measuring tools, such as a double pan balance, thermometer, ruler, hexagram masses, etc. in a center along with a prompt for students to answer may help meet the needs of students. ESP's Measuring Task page provides various prompts at two levels for teachers to adapt for their students. In addition, ESP makes available for purchase the K-6 Measuring Skills Center Kit (please see related file below).

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