Traveling Seeds

Fall is a great time of year to study seeds. Many seeds have a way to travel to a new spot instead of staying right near the plant which made them. 

How would this help the plants which will grow from the seeds?

Some seeds are in fruits which are adapted to fly on the wind. Can you find any of the fruits below? Note: the pictures on this page are not all in scale.









Some seeds are in fruits which travel on water:



Some seeds are in fruits which hitch a ride on the fur or clothes of animals:





Tick Trefoil

Some fruits are machines which shoot their seeds away from the plant which they grow on:





Some fruits are eaten by birds or other animals so the seeds travel inside the stomach of a bird or mammal:


Mountain Ash


Crab Apple

See if you can find other fruits and seeds which travel by wind, water, fur or stomach.

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