Unit Video Support

Unit Video Support

The videos provided below help the teacher using the ESP program better understand the important features of the program itself and the additional resources provided for the classroom teacher.

The videos found in the left navigation menu and under Related Links (below) are training videos that will help the teacher better understand the activities and content of a specific unit, and feel comfortable using the materials in the kit. Look for more of these training videos coming soon!

Note: If you are having trouble viewing the videos and are using a Mac, it may be helpful to download the Flip4Mac Plugin to play the files. Please use the links below to save the file to your computer.

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    Sky Calendar – Stellarium

    Stellarium is a computer program developed to model the sky. It is FREE shareware that is available in Windows, Macintosh, and Linus versions. Find where to download the Stellarium software by using the following link: http://www.stellarium.org/. You may need to contact your district network administrator to assist with the download and installation.

    In Activity 8 in the Sky Calendar unit, we use Stellarium to investigate how the time and location of sunrise and sunset change on the first day of each season. In addition, we look at the height of the sun at noon on the first day of each season. This information further emphasizes what students have already learned about the cause of seasons in earlier activities in this unit.

    The video provided can be used in one of two ways:

    - Teachers can view the video as a training session on how to use the Stellarium software.
    - Teachers can play the video for students as they complete Student Activity Book pages 13-16.


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