Units for Grades 5, 6

Units for Grades 5, 6

Grade 5

Electromagnetism - Students use magnets and electromagnets to investigate the relationship between electricity and magnetism. Students will construct various devices using electromagnets including a buzzer, a small motor, and a large motor. Suggested length: 10 weeks. 

Meet the Creatures - Students learn about the process of scientific inquiry by studying the sensory perceptions of mealworms. "Super" mealworms are supplied. Not available December-February. Suggested length: 6 weeks. 

Plant Responses - Students study responses of seeds and seedlings to varying environmental factors, such as water, light, gravity and nutrients. Suggested length: 9 weeks. 

Rocks and Minerals - Students investigate the properties of rocks and minerals, such as color, texture, cleavage, streak, hardness, reaction with hydrochloric acid, and attraction to magnets. Suggested length: 8 weeks. 

Soil - Students investigate the properties of soil and gain an appreciation of the value of soil in the natural world. This unit is not available December-February. Suggested length: 5 weeks. 

Grade 6

Forces in Space - Students experiment with toys, learning about the forces responsible for their movement on earth and in space. Suggested length: 8 weeks. 

Light - Students use a light source to perform experiments with white and colored light. Major concepts are reflection, refraction and dispersion. Most activities should be done in a darkened room on the floor. Suggested length: 5 weeks. 

Looking at Liquids - Students investigate the properties of water, soapy water, cooking oil, corn syrup, and alcohol, and the interaction of these liquids with other materials. Suggested length: 9 weeks. 

Pond Life - Students visit a pond and set up classroom aquaria to investigate the plants and animals which live in ponds. Students use pocketscopes to observe the microcosm of life in a drop of pond water. Suggested length: 10 weeks. 

Rocketry - Students construct and launch model rockets. Measurement of altitude is determined through use of a clinometer and tangent tables. Model rocket kits are included. Suggested length: 8-10 weeks. 

Simple Machines - Students investigate two basic machines, the lever, and the inclined plane, and how they are modified to become such things as a pulley or screw. Suggested length: 7 weeks.

Multi-level Units for Grades 5, 6

Grades 5, 6
Balloons and Gases - Students generate and test gases for various properties. Suggested length: 9 weeks.

Small Things - Students observe the microscopic world by using the microscope to examine the appearance and structure of living and non-living things. Suggested length: 6 weeks.

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