Units for Grades K, 1, 2


Classroom Plants - Students plant, grow, and care for common plants. One kit is sufficient for two sections of kindergarten. Suggested length: 34 weeks.

Senses - Students investigate and learn about the five senses. Suggested length: 14 weeks.

Sunshine, Shadows and Silhouettes - Students investigate objects as they interact with light. Many outside activities are included. Teacher's guide only. Suggested length: 35 weeks.

Waterplay - Students experience free play, curiosity and discovery through the investigation of water and its properties and forms. One kit is sufficient for two sections of kindergarten. Suggested length: 15 weeks.

Grade 1

Earthworms - Students raise earthworms in the classroom. Students observe how earthworms live and thrive when their needs are met. Humane treatment is emphasized. Suggested length: 12 weeks.

From Seed to Plant - Students classify seeds by properties, plant seeds, care for plants, and observe and record plant growth. Suggested length: 15 weeks.

Properties - Students observe and describe objects by their color, shape, texture, size, weight, and whether they sink or float. Students observe that materials can exist in different forms and that solids, liquids and gases are objects. Suggested length: 10 weeks.

Grade 2

Eggs to Toads - Students raise toads from eggs, provide care for tadpoles and observe and record their growth. Available spring only. Suggested length: 10 weeks.

First Look at Soil - Students investigate the properties of soil through a variety of activities that explore: the living and nonliving parts of soil; soil composition, texture, and particle size; percolation, absorption, and erosion; and plant growth and the importance of soil. Suggested length: 6 weeks.

Interactions - Students observe the chemical and physical interaction of objects. Suggested length: 6 weeks.

Measuring - Students use nonstandard and standard units of measurement to compare objects. The properties of length, area, temperature, volume and weight are investigated. Suggested length: 10 weeks.

Plant and Animal Life Cycles - Students raise their own plants from seeds. They also raise milkweed bugs and mealworms. Students observe and record data on plant and animal life cycles, and stages of growth and development. Students practice humane treatment of animals. Suggested length: 15 weeks.

Weather - Students make daily weather observations to collect data to record and share with others. They investigate wind, temperature, and the water cycle. After analyzing weather patterns, students make recommendations about outdoor activities as a service to other classrooms in the school. Suggested length: 12 weeks.
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