Waterplay, Gr. K

Water is very important in our world. In the Waterplay unit, kindergarten students are investigating the properties of water as a liquid and a solid. How does water feel? Does it have a smell? Is it warm or cold? Is it hard or soft? Is it smooth or rough?

Students use various materials to make the water move. Students observe the direction the water moves and if it can move in more than one direction at a time. Students also work with straws and water bottles to get objects to move on the water. Boats are also moved by using air and water.

There is an introduction to volume and capacity by pouring one container of water into another container of a different size and to a marked level. Students ask themselves which container holds the most water.

Students expand on the topic of water by experiencing some free-play time with bubbles. Various items are used to create bubbles, and students notice that no matter what tool they use, the bubble is always the shape of a sphere.

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