What Do Scientists Look Like?

Have you ever noticed that cartoons usually show scientists with white lab coats and wild hair? They usually show them wearing thick glasses and having lots of pens and pencils in their pockets. They often show scientists as men too. Are all scientists men? Are most scientists weird? Let's keep track of how scientists are shown.

Make a T chart like this one:

Man with white lab coat, wild hair, glasses Woman or man without all that nerd stuff



Make a mark in a box every time you see a scientist on TV, in a movie, or in a newspaper or magazine. If the scientist has the lab coat and all that stuff, put the mark in the first box. If the scientist doesn't look like a cartoon scientist, put a mark in the second box. Keep track for a couple of days, maybe even a week. How do they show scientists? Do scientists really look like that? Canadian physicist Ian Keith Affleck enjoys swimming and windsurfing. Does he sound like a cartoon scientist nerd?

To find out more about real scientists, visit some of these websites:

Or ask a scientist yourself:

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